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Summer facts and rituals

There is a lot o mysterious things in my life, I just keep going, anyway a funny fact of my summer european adaptation I will tell to you here. I was born in Brazil 16 july, it was so cold in july, now i live between  Milan (based)  and Paris when  in August it’s vacation time, plus SUMMER, a lot hot, (thank God)!  Usually in my early life that time was winter and we were going to (Festa Junina) Junina parties , drinking hot wine, strawberries with chocolate, dancing funny musics.

Summer is in europe and i could not be more happy!!!

So I start to think what to wear, did my bikini coustumized by Darcy Dias. Got a hat in paris during the Haute Couture .Its funny cause i have fun in the heavy winter here, that i never had in Brazil of course, but i feel like winter here is longer than the summer, so for me when summer arrives i feel like TOO excited , like i was never Brazilian, i wanna make plans , travel all the month, to puglia, to Costa Amalfi, Bahamas is also a dream but do something. I think i become a bit european in the senses haha.

And clothing , i love the way we can dress in the summer, long dresses, fluid, sandals, panama hats, big earrings and bijoux, a lot of colors and of course bikinis.

6 things i dont live without during the summer.

  1. Bottle of water (not of plastic)

  2. Coconut Oil

  3. hat

  4. book

  5. nails done

  6. cold shower


I like to walk semi-naked at home also. Im not being extra its true. I really love nudism beaches, or the ones in Barcelona that you can do topless.

The upper part of the bikini is so uncomfortable for me  sometimes….( i must tell you a secret, sleep naked just with underwear, or walking naked is a great natural moisturizer) make a sun tanning in the terrace and if i don’t have a terrace, go anywhere close where you can take some sun that is my summer ritual. Actually i like to take a lot of sun, las 4 years here i stopped to take cause i was so focus in the fashion weeks, that i wasn’t taking sun. I also learn that i became depressed during that period, we must understand that sun helps so much in our self love and the soul in fact.

Also the summer is great for workout, we have to drink more water cause we feel to, as we sweat more, and working out is the best time for those who wants to quick lose weight.

This summer i dont know what is going to be cause many things are changing in my life, like perioood so im leting go with the flow so i dont get too stressed. I am working out a lot taking care of my mind, studing some yoga currently reading three books at same time. I am sure i am going to share good moments this summertime, summer makes me remember and feel I am at home. My heart is already full of gratitude and happiness.






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