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Currently, as an aspiring actor, I look back fondly on childhood memories, with my older sister by my side, when we intuitively played acting.

Critiquing one another’s acting skills, as well as trying out a multitude of diverse characters to explore. Nothing gave us more delight than to be dramatic, and emotional and to act together.

All throughout my career as a professional international fashion model, many casting directors, creative directors, artists, stylists, photographers, and videographers have recognized my naturally expressive curious personality and have encouraged me to pursue this field more fully. 

My modeling agencies around the globe continue to position me in commercial roles, as I embody the confident and enviable model role that lends itself best to tv commercials; high energy, communication through teamwork, and expressing the desired vision for the brand.

 As my curiosity expanded, I would research acting methods and techniques backstage on model jobs and in my spare time. Self-taught, I welcomed the opportunity to practice and performed some minor roles in Italian films.

This leads me to dive head first into an extensive course in acting in Fattoria Artistica, Milano. I was honored to play the lead protagonist role at the course's completion.

In September 2022, I acted on the set of a film for Netflix that has yet to be aired. Stay tuned for more on this intriguing film…

Helena Prestes

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Helena Prestes