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Welcome to my world. I’m Helena Prestes. I am Brazilian born and raised in the periphery of São Paulo.

As an energetic enthusiastic teenager, I threw my dedication into basketball. After training, testing and being accepted by a prestigious basketball team, I began travelling for matches. In the year and a half I was dedicated to basketball, I learned the power of teamwork and cooperation.

My sister encouraged me to apply for a modeling test for a brand called Lojas Renner.
All of a sudden, my life pivoted in a new daring direction. I felt compelled to pursue an exciting career in modeling, in order to help support my mother and three sisters in San Paolo, Brazil.

Soon after, I was approached by Conor K Ryan from Muse Management New York. I felt privileged and grateful to be have a new purpose. I became a part of fascinating teams within the fashion industry, enjoying “acting” my modeling roles on set, whilst earning to support myself and my family. During my journey of modeling until today, I always studying something and travelling by myself using websites books and practicing I today speak 5 languages.

Today, with my beautiful gentle dog Amy by my side, I feel my journey is continuing to unfold at my feet.

I feel abundant with opportunity, support and love. The life tools I’ve learnt along the course of my multifaceted career continue to help me adjust to new cities, new communities, new job titles and work; whilst feeling grounded and with a sense of inner peace.

One of those tools are my passion for movement. When we are in the same city, I walk my dog Amy everyday. My yoga practice is an invaluable tool for me to feel connected to myself and my inner power and have a little moment of peace since ive been doing for more then 10 yeas now, i started a distance course of the 200 YTT yoga teacher program, wich my goal is to finish it in presence at school in Bali.

I enjoy participating in many team sports i think movement makes me feel connected with my inner soul and power. Makes me feel alive , so practicing usually is a must.
Journal, singing and write my goals, thoughts and creative ideas is also part of this mental health rituals for me.

The benefits that came from the pandemic time for me, was I was given the time and staying in one place, to deepen my acting research.

I’ve been honoured to have been invited on many occasions to act in roles for film. I feel grateful for this recognition, as I always viewed modeling as a form of acting, especially commercial modeling such as tv commercials, feel even more so of a way to embody the role of the woman the client is looking for.

I went on to private acting coaching. And I completed an acting presence course in Milan Fattoria Artistica, with mentors Michael Rogers, Margot Volo, and Michael Margotta.

I find acting a breath of fresh air, everything about it, embodying a role, team work, and communication with emotional intelligence, all resonate with me strongly.

Helena Prestes

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Helena Prestes