Helena Prestes

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Helena Prestes
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Helena Prestes
Helena Prestes

A little bit of me…

Started as a Model but always looking to improve my self, a 32 years old enthusiastic and completely in love with my life, nationality “recently” italo and forever brazilian soul. Actress, singer, and completely passionate about yoga, where I’ve been studying for 10 years. I live between Paris and Milan for work, I love creating fun content, photos and writing.

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I love to learn something new so I
always searching for new adventures.

Currently, as an aspiring actor, I look back fondly on childhood memories, with my older sister by my side, when we intuitively played acting.

Critiquing one another’s acting skills, as well as trying out a multitude of diverse characters to explore. Nothing gave us more delight than to be dramatic, and emotional and to act together.

All throughout my career as a professional international fashion model, many casting directors, creative directors, artists, stylists, photographers, and videographers have recognized my naturally expressive curious personality and have encouraged me to pursue this field more fully. 

Helena Prestes

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Helena Prestes