Let’s start from when everyone starts leaving home?

I starting leaving home for becoming a basketball team near my city, I start playing because early that time I discover that passion on me.

Always loved sports, being in movement and fit make me feel alive.

One day, my older sister invited me to do a casting for modeling, I got the job and start working with this. On my blog page, I tell you more details about why I did this change.

Well, today I am model full time, traveling, meeting amazing people around the world and cultures.

I am always looking for my personal passions until you don’t feel complete.

I create this website to share the many things and me always (a literally a long time ago) I wanted to share but til when I believed I wasn’t ready or didn’t have the courage enough.

Now I believe that I’m ready and slowly sharing with you. Why not right?

I am firmly passionate and a believer in moving your body the max you can, through sports or yoga. 

I do some handmade artwork that’s also a BIG hobby when I have free time at home or on the intervals of some modeling work.


16/07/2019 date of mt bday shot by @thelegionstudio

I LOVE dressing each day. Even when super casual, and details  are everything.  I have so much fun  dressing myself, it gave us power isn’t it?

I have so many different moods of the day like.

On this page i will share some street styling, fashion and much more.

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Thank You

Even though I lost so many jobs confirmed, got stuck and afraid at the beginning of the pandemy after the second week i got stronger.

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My stay in Istambul

Istanbul is a very interesting place to visit, this large city in Turkey that divides between Europe and Asia, on the banks of the Bosphorus

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