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Lets start from when everyone start leaving home?

I starting leaving home for a basketball test, i pass , i start training. 2 years and half playing and by accident i pass in a test for modeling for a store called Lojas Renner in Sao Paulo.

After done the job for a budget i will never expect for my age, i changed profession, even if i really like it to play, i needed to help myself and my mother and two sisters at home, so i changed profession.

Today I am model full time, traveling , meeting amazing people around the world and cultures, I’ve done some styling for fun , specially cause my mother had a great style I’ve learn a little, and eve steal her clothes for castings.

Still Iam always looking for my personal passions until you don’t feel complete.

16/07/2019 Milan Italy, day of my bday

Photo ???

Model industry it need special adjustments in my opinion an maybe because some bad experiences, while the same time, I Am grateful for it.

I love design an style and passing the years you learn and get better and better, making the days of modeling work more productive and happy for everyone evolved.
Right now i am pursuing acting, become a yoga teacher and live life as happy and grateful i can.

I decided to open this website so i can share with you everything i love to do, also share my model career , some diary histories, travel, tips, lifestyle and sweating. hahaha

Still Iam always looking for my personal passions until you don’t feel complete.

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Thank You

Even though I lost so many jobs confirmed, got stuck and afraid at the beginning of the pandemy after the second week i got stronger.

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Diary, Blogging, Blog

My stay in Istambul

Istanbul is a very interesting place to visit, this large city in Turkey that divides between Europe and Asia, on the banks of the Bosphorus

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