Thank You !

Even though I lost so many jobs confirmed, got stuck and afraid at the beginning of the pandemy after the second week i got stronger. Days before the lockdown, I was in a super mood focus on me and doing my best life. Made me remember so much when had to start fighting for happiness as I began a lot poor and with so many family issues back in the days.

I made a list of things to be thankful for during that period .






Thank you for making me think better about my own life

Thank you for being scared of losing my own life therefore giving more value to each little thing in my heart that really matters.

Thank you for pushing me to believe even more in life

Thank you for making me think more and be more careful about the world.

 Thank you for connecting me with people that I wasn’t connected to anymore and seeing they truly care about me and our relationship as friends.

Thank you for connecting me with old and super important friends of my journey.

Thank you for finding Pera Flower House and for giving me a fair price for rent during the “crise”, thank you for being amazingly welcoming when I MOST needed even if things changed after that.

Thank you Dunia and team Next Milano for not leaving me alone  and really caring about me.

Thank you to all the friends that write to me just to ask how I was feeling being alone stuck in Istanbul and asking me to call if I need ANYTHING. 

Thank you for showing me that quarantine is the same vibe to be in love with someone, therefore loving the time to be at home together and cozy many days in sequence.

Thanks so much for the love an support

Thank you for  the time alone.

Thank you for the fighter that you build even more stronger in me.

Thank you to the internet for giving me access to facetime and studying.

Thank you covid-19 so much to not have hit me baddly  or if hitted me ( cause i was sick 2 times during that period) thank you for being quick and passed maybe? 

Thank you for not taking my breath away from me ( i was really afraid of that somehow)

Thank you Yoga.

Thank you for the time for studying yoga more and more.

Thank you to the supermarkets, pharmacies, workers food avaiable every f* day.

Thank you every person that had to work and did not had the choice to be at home

Thank you all human being that staded up to make  us keep going nicely.

Thank you for the time to finish some projects, write, read and giving true attentions for things i really love to do.





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