My stay in Istambul

Istanbul is a very interesting place to visit, this large city in Turkey that divides between Europe and Asia, on the banks of the Bosphorus strait.

I started my journey living in Bebek at my friends house, is a cool place to live very beautiful, i enjoy very much one month living there, especially a walk or a run by Bosphorus, crossing the bridges connecting both sides. Including at night. Really nice.

close to Galata Tower you can find a lot of instrument stores

Beyoglu was my second neighborhood during this pandemy time, my second month living there was as good as when i live in bebek, made me remember the times I lived in at my moms house at the westside of the city in São paulo.

Sabır acıdır, meyvesi tatlıdır.
Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.



The Old City reflects the cultural influences of the many empires that once governed the region. In the open-air Sultanahmet district is the hippodrome of the Roman era, which was the place of chariot racing for centuries.


 Another interesting fact : You can find Egyptian obelisks and feel a lot of the egyptian presence there.

The Byzantine Basilica of Hagia Sophia has a bold dome from the 6th century and rare Christian mosaics that unfortunately i had not a chance to visit because of the coronavirus.

So I didn’t do much tourist, I was home working out and writing for the first 2 weeks almost, getting ready setting my mind, i need that time “alone” and my friend gave me this room so i had that time, slowly i start doing meeting for an modeling agency as still going as a financial basis, I did a meeting went super well, i got a nice job and then lock down! 

But before that lockdown,  I signed up with a good yoga studio to apply for a month membership, it was 15 minutes by walk from my place in Bebek. I definitely recommend Yogasala, the fair price for a month membership gives you unlimited access to all classes they have in Etiler and Nisantasi neighborhood. You can move in the city and have classes where you want.


Bebek Noi Breakfast

One day i had a different feeling walking down the road after my yoga morning class, this super young and cool energy hitted my heart, at Kucuk Bekek street where it is  a super homie neighborhood going up the road, i see this people coming in and out from which it looked like a hostel but called Bekek Noi.

A super cozy cafe with nice little view to the sea, that makes  you feel comfortable to journaling  or simple have a great morning or afternoon with your loved ones. I must tell that Turkish breakfasts are super yummy, often in many places you find abundant breakfasts. Its awesome!
pic at Bebek Noi pretty cool spot to chill after breaky.
bebek neighborhood




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