Stuck in Turkey and how it happened

Many of my friends and ig friends asking me how did that happened, here is an update!

I was craving for change in my personal life, it feels devastating and pure defeat when you choose someone to love. Love and stay for 6 years and then start seeing nothing change just you and he can’t “come” with you in your dreams and passion. I started thinking, feeling insane,  the feeling that i need to be hold. After long reflexions i saw that i need to be more time alone and know myself, i thought ” i dont need anyone” , in fact i need myself first…

So, there was nothing more sad for me staying loving someone while I saw that nothing was going to change and bad behavior was growing through. It’s not an easy story to finish telling in the first post paragraph. I will jump to how I ended up here .So, I was craving and looking for change, luckily my work started to go well.

 Days before I left Milan to Morocco, my friend invited me to stay at her house in Istanbul. I thought a lot before but decided to come after that. I packed a few staff and went for a job in Morocco.

For that reason i took a return flight instead of Milan to Istanbul 25 march at night, I could breathe, think, and even look for some business meetings. I searched for agencies , did meetings, I signed up for membership with YogaSalaStudio at etiler neighborhood, did not do much turism actually not at all. I was mostly writing, doing yoga etc.

The same week I arrived, things went bad, I had max 10 days of wondering if there was or not the corona virus here,  to day 15 the first case appeared, 17 everything was closing slowly.

 I must confess Turkish people did not believe much or I don’t know why the reaction was really easy going i must say, so during the period from 10 to 15 the  Italy was already in the middle of the problem but here it was calm. Anyway we thought it was fine, also before the president did not command anything we were doing meetings and I finally got a nice job here but of course canceled 17th.


Even though my friend was really nice to receive me at her place, I found a nice studio close to Taksim and Galata Tower in the south of the city and decided to rented it and be fully alone and discover myself, after all it is 6 years in total since I was 23, practically all my decade of 20 dedicating and living my life with my ex ( and friends that rented the room at our place lately). Also it took me courage and it’s a long and beautiful story of how I found this studio but I will tell you later.


Nothing else to add at the moment, im just locked here, waiting for the virus to calm down.

In the next post I will tell you the amazing things that I produced I learned and enjoyed during the quarantine time. 

 Namaste 🙂

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