Interview Lisa Richardson

We all know I love crochet and knitting in general.

December 2019 i had the honor to shoot with Lisa for Rowan Yarns in Wales England,

 I find knitting really interesting and Lisa has a special energy. We were lucky,  all the team was really nice together, so I asked her to interview her to know a little bit more about this amazing person and world she lives fully in  and I am passionate about : Knitting.

Who is Lisa?

I’ve worked at Rowan yarns for about 17 years and I’m now the Senior designer and technical manager also styling and art directing photo shoots.

I also do freelance knitwear design using Rowan yarns and have my own website and I do workshops in the UK and also Italy and US.

I live on a farm where I have chickens and bees and grow veg and fruit to be a little self sufficient. I also have about 30 sheep on my land that belong to a local farmer.


1. What does sutainability means to you? 


As a way of life I try to buy as little as possible and re-use as much as possible. This includes most of the furniture in my house being 2nd hand which I then upcycle, I’ve learnt to upholster in order to do this. This then also goes forward to clothes and fashion, buying a limited number of pieces that are then cared for and mended. Knitting and crochet is another step on this ladder as you spend your time enjoying the process of making something and then you want to look after it and wear it for years to come as you have put so much love into it. 




2. What inspires you to knitting? 


Everything inspires me, I spend a lot of my time outside and in the countryside and hills and this I think inspires everything I do and also nurtures the soul. I also find inspiration for knitting whilst knitting….when I’m working on a design my mind has time to think about what if I changed this stitch or used larger needles or added two yarns together, so the design constantly evolves.


3.Tell us  a bit of your goal…


 My goal is to create beautiful designs that knitters and crocheters enjoy making and wearing and that they are pieces that stand the test of time.


4. Since you sell the patterns and the yarn,offering the customer the ability to do so themselves how is the interaction with your public?


 since starting my own website and being more active on social media along with having my own stand at knitting events such as yarndale and Knitting and stitching I have had much more interaction with crafts people which is great. You hear first hand feedback and especially at the shows you can see reactions to the pieces you have on display .


5.Considering that you approach an awareness of fashion, wich considers  the process and resources required to make clothing, do you say that this is a focus on sustainability?


 for me creating something that is in itself slow fashion  has an impact on that one piece that has been made. Something that has taken hours to make means you want to keep it and love it for a long time rather than throw away fashion.



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