A flower does not think to compete with the flower next to it, it simply blooms

Yesterday i meet a crazy friend of mine, we always speak alot of funny things making the moment so much fun, saying things out of rules, sex etc, he always share his crazy experiences with woman, and laugh so much, but he has a wise mind when talking about business, this evening he pushes a nice subject, connecting the model industry which i found fabulous, cause i’ve never thought about that solution for the many “unknown why “things in the industry.

It’s a hard industry i told about it ” the fitting to confirm” post, the situation i had where i felt insignificant, well i don’t know how we got at this subject, because after writing that post i relief some feelings as usual i do a click on my mind and don’t think about the bad side, the negative thought and feelings, i move my mind to the focus i have to focus and in the thoughts i want to attract instead of the bad feeling. Anyway i don’t know we got there, he pointed that “if models were not competitive and instead of that be more supportive to each other , things will be better. (he speaking) Think about that models get expensive flight, higher prices models apartment, many times don’t get paid or way too late, fees over the fees and secret fees, the model has not certainties of what getting back when leaving her country with way less money of what they need to the capital cities, no health insurances, charges over the charged pocket money, debts,debts,debts. So if they don’t get the support the agency give to then, why don’t the models get together and support each other, if they haven’t any right as a professional, any security, any certainties why they dont get together and make a organisation to take care of them and give then professional rights?”

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One thing i could affirm because i apply to my life, being organised and help your roommate to just live a good life simply supportive at home it was always a start to me. It creates a mood, stabilized. Ths is a getting together , but not enough for the proportion of the fact of what he was saying.

This make me think another important thing, which i think is the core of all. I didn’t came to my computer to write about the model industry even if this idea of my friend is nice actually really good idea also even if it somehow this argument connected in my brain with what i been thinking and it’s hard to put out here. I have some focus in life right now and one of them is share the best i learn to make people more happy. Right now and as far as i can remember i’m working on to live with a believe and that believe is possible if you keep firm your thoughts. Even if you start from a poor family or difficult situations at home like me. I want to share another thing which somehow as i said connects with what he said, the idea of writing today is about: sharing compassion, holding your focus thoughts, the dream thought, the visualization thought.

The topics are two things, but the married in my mind, cause i see the problem of the human been, first it’s the primordial thing which is maintaining you thoughts positive, and the other one is the altruistic impulse of tenderness towards the people who don’t know how to hold the positive thought, the dream thought, the visualization of a future you imagine it or whatever you want to call.

How positive can be too, to share a altruistic impulse of tenderness towards the people is around you, if you see they struggling with something, a word, and gesture.

We don’t have this, people barely say hi to you if you cross then in a elevator, they don’t listen to voice inside them, when someone speaks about a goal or something they decided to look after for, the people who is listen don’t feel it for real, don’t look to their eyes, because they can’t hold on the positive thoughts, they are all running, changing their minds running from what We are here to love and support each other , here there are everything each one of us need. I believe that of course if you have bad attitudes towards you time life, life will show you the same, even if you get good things from being bad, its passenger. cause even in the bad action there is a good intention, but being bad doesn’t last long.

I start this blog mostly to share this intentions i always had in my mind, even when i presence hard and hysterical times in Brazil i have more then 10 notebooks that i wrote all over the way since i left home, i know can be hard to apply this positive thoughts things in life sometimes, so i start yoga and I am happy to announce that i will do the 200hr course in Rishikesh, cause i know this is the ” life style ” i always lived for internally myself, quiet along the way watching these people that don’t look to your eyes, that everything is interest and competitions.

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So that’s the thing, we WILL grow up way more and better spiritually, when it speaking about our goals, i always truly believed that being kind, altruist, hold on your positive thoughts and getting together strongly with your minds, that’s the way, that has been always my key, always i’ve thinking about that in a world so difficult full of egoism, i feel like swimming against the tide, but hold on your thoughts and you will have everything you wanted and the world too will get this massive good in common, which is what is meant to be.




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