Thank you Paris june 2019

Paris is always a good choise for me, my friends were comming to HC , i sent email to my agency and we decided that was a good time to come.

I got the flight and there we went 2 weeks in Paris.

I did 3 shows, where i were very welcomed already at the casting, wich is really nice, i actually prefer to work who like me and we work nice together , then to work with some brands just because of money or other interests.

Im always very lucky in Paris cause my parisians friends are really fun, and that season i had my Angel and Yana by my side. We were like sisters writing each other, between our responsibilities and doing fun things in the free time.

Photo ???

It was really hot, but as brazilians we manage it. I particularly i love the heat, i love to feel that heavy warm, that makes you heart beat fast and sweat a little. In paris there are many ways to go up and down, even uber can be not that expensive and now with that scooter that you can rent the Lime Scooter, is soooo convenient, plus you had so much fun and some fresh air.

My second show was for Aganovich, it is my second time walking for then, always so much to learn. I love the feeling to be there at their studio because , i always feel like into some poetry or book, its an amazing feeling to model for then , i love their passion.


here is my first walk for them, i opened the show , i still feel so much honored to open their show.

Helena Prestes poses with a Prada bag after the Aganovich show during on June 30, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

Wearing @maliparmi silk shirt , handmade skirt , @gloriacoelho shoes, @raybahn ,@prada

Photo ???

Photo ???

Me and Vivi Olivieira after the Aganovich show during Paris Fashion Week (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images) So lucky to have you in my life ! Love you

My third show was for Ziad Nakad, i confess i did the casting 3 times and never passed. Their dresses are like a princess dream. This time i passed and was the second in the row , with a dreamy rose pink dress, with a beautiful opening in the right leg. In the pic didnt opened at first, but when im wlak back catwalk it opened perfectly. Anyway this dress is unique.

My second outfit very powerfull too. Love to walk both of them, two moods totally different with an amazing personality.




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